Be the man we all secretly want to be: my good friend Ryan!

Relive the epic battle between Ryan and the ancient one, Spooky, as Ryan tries to defeat him in a battle of wits and catlike reflexes. According to forgotten lore, he who braves the dark beast's torment for a full 11 minutes and 10 seconds will see the face of true evil...and be given an opportunity to drink from the immortal's well.

Will Ryan survive long enough in this dance with the devil??? Perhaps...with your help.


  • Hours of thrilling classic single player play!
  • Play against online strangers with matchmaking mode!
  • Intimidate your friends with over 26 taunts (Ryan players only)!
  • Enjoy nearly 20 Ryan-centric desktop wallpapers in glorious 1080p HD (download link below)!

Hurry and experience this life-changing experience while it lasts (in other words: until Ryan catches wind of it and makes me take it down)! All proceeds go toward the "I forgot to buy Ryan a real birthday present" fund!


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